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Alicia Hanner weight loss testimonial before and after photos
Los Angeles, CA
I have used it for two weeks,and everyday I also do exercise for about half hour,and I'm excited to know 8 lbs lighter when I check my weight today,VERY HAPPY.Fruta Planta is a amazing product worthy of having a try.
Victoria Russell weight loss testimonial before and after photos
Chicago, IL
Fruta Planta seems to work for me,and for sure reduces my appetite.I like to take it in the morning,also more effective to do some exercise after taking this. I lost 12 lbs in the first month and will continue to take it.
Emily York weight loss testimonial before and after photos
New York, NY
Good Luck I got this and had a good result. In the first month, I lost only 5 lbs, and I lost more in the second month,12 lbs,as I did some exercise.So remember to do exercise! It will speed up your weight-loss process.
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This natural antioxidant, together with honey, can help people lose weight and keep slim by cleansing all toxins out of body. And it can help beautify skin and heal wound because of its natural antibacterial and antiviral properties.


A natural source of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C and proteolytic enzymes. Papaya promotes digestion with its own fiber and potassium and helps break down the protein intake.

Bitter Melon

A tropical fruit which contains rich bioactive compounds for metabolism adjustment. It has been proved by scientists that bitter melon is rich in iron, potassium, beta-carotene and Vitamin B. It can stimulate health and digestion.


A natural fruit for weight loss. The numerous bioactive contained in it can support the cardiovascular system and strengthen the immune system.

How Does

Fruta Planta Reduce Weight

1.Control Your Appetite Effectively
Your cravings for food will be naturally and effectively kept in check when all ingredients work together. You will feel less hungry than before and eat like a bird.

2. Relieve Boated Feelings and Improve Digestion
The alpha-momorcharin in Fruta Planta can relieve boated feelings and stimulate digestion

3. Flush Toxins Out and Burn Fat
Fruta Planta has been created to remove the fat, promote metabolism and discharge the excess body fat timely.

100% Healthy and Safe:
Fruta Planta won't bring you side effects like jitters or headaches. All the ingredients of Fruta Planta Slimming capsules are bioactive substances extracted from all natural fruits or plants.

What Customers Say

Lose weight by Freda Gill
Been taking the pills for 7 weeks now and i have lost 19lbs! I didn't used any other diet pills before so i don't know if it is the most effective one but i love this one it's really great! I have already recommended it to many ppl

Wonderful product by Heather Lewis
I lost 20lbs with fruta planta, this is really a wonderful product and i recommend this seller, delivery is fast and the product is effective! Fp capsules keeps my appetite suppressed and keeps my body disposed of the fatty foods!

So far so good by Jenna Welch
I've been taking fruta planta for 1 week now and i notice I'm not that hungry anymore and I havent gained any weight so thats good.. I'll keep taking it

I love it! by Elena Cross
This fruta planta works! I absolutely love them, i got dry mouth a bit but never had a jittery feeling like with other diet pills i've tried in the past, they suppressed my appetite and i get full quicker, i lost about 10lbs now, which is really amazing! LoL

They work great now by Brooke Moreno
Love fruta planta!! I've been taking it for 2 weks and i have lost 7lbs without being exercising! I just eat right as they do suppress appetite and i have completely no cravings for junk foods LOL, i am very excited with the changes! Just hope i won't gain the weight back after stopping taking them...

Happy weight loss by Marilyn Adams
I've been taking fruta planta for a month and my weight has gone from 165 to 150!!!! I'm really happy with the results, the pills help a lot, i can go along with proper food, also i do about 3 times workout a week, i used to do exercises too but i've never lost so many lbs in such a short time so im sure it is the pills that help, thank you for original product! Love it :)